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Over 2 experience years about content creator at Uber, GO-VIET.
Ngày sinh04.05.1993
Địa chỉ102 Hunh Tn Pht, 7, H Ch Minh
Giới tínhNữ
Thành viên từ20.06.2019
Ngôn ngữTing Anh,Ting Hoa
Chuyên mônDch thut, Marketing, Other
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Kinh nghiệm làm việc

Senior Content Writer
- Developing plan & action plan abt content attribution for Online channels: Fanpage, Website, Group to achieve KPIS in term of Branding & Performance Marketing. - Being responsible for writing digital content: Facebook posts, website, articles,.. in a clear, concise and grammatically correct manner. - Working closely with design team to make sure all materials will be aligned with the concept/key message - Providing and making creative thoughts/ idea for digital campaign/proposal/concept.
06-2018 - 05-2019
Campaign Executive
Campaign Management, Market Research & Competitor Intelligence to bring new initiatives into monthly campaigns and thereby, helping the company to generate more demand for Go-Food services, including: - Responsible for master campaign calendar creation and maintenance - Evaluate online marketing plan & in-app visibility to secure enough exposure and reach for each category - Review spending and revenue to optimize budget, channels, and schemes - Generate feasible initiatives to acquire new customers and drive more revenue, focusing on targeted merchants and their sales. - Coordinate with appropriate departments to ensure internal alignment and execution excellence
05-2019 - hiện nay

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